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Dr. Sadasivan (Sadas) Shankar from Intel Corporation

Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 at 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM [.ics]
Kimball B11

Dr. Sadasivan (Sadas) Shankar Intel Corporation Design & Technol. Solutions

Computational Materials Design - The Last Mile

Currently, development of materials from concept to product is both capital- and timeintensive. Computational Materials Design is one of the techniques starting to get used to accelerate designing materials from atoms or condensed matter that when synthesized exhibits targeted properties at the systems level. As one of the earliest proponents and adopters of using Materials Design for bringing materials to prototyping faster, we have identified several gaps that are being addressed. This involves development and application of theory, simulations, and experiments. Although there is enormous potential for using computer-based design in materials and chemistry, we demonstrate both the challenges and the opportunities to cross the last mile from theory to real time applications. We will also touch upon President’s Materials Genome initiative, consistent with our own earlier efforts, which was launched nationwide to get materials to manufacturing faster.

Sadasivan (Sadas) Shankar is a Senior Principal Engineer in Intel and initiated and led the Materials Design Program in Intel since 2006, one of the first of these efforts in the industry. Over his tenure at Intel, he has worked on multiple aspects of technology development in Intel covering from designing materials atomically to using thermodynamic principles for understanding energy efficiency of computing, to bridge research to manufacturing. Several of his team’s efforts aided in technology adoption of over 8 generations of size scaling, and have been recognized by multiple divisional and corporate awards. Recently, his team’s work was also featured in journal Science and in TED. He is the co-inventor in over 23 patent filings and co-author of over 100 external publications and presentations including 2 book chapters. Sadasivan earned his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science from University of Minnesota-Minneapolis. Sadasivan has been involved in several collaborative initiatives with Semiconductor Research Corporation, NIST, Department of Energy, and President’s Materials Genome Initiative. He has also worked with several universities and research labs for development of new methods in material science and chemistry. Currently, Sadasivan is the Distinguished Scientist in Residence at the Institute of Applied Computational Sciences in Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts and is teaching a class on Materials Design.

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