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Robinson receives 3M award

Monday, May 21, 2012

Professor Richard Robinson has been awarded a 3M Nontenured Faculty Grant for “Nanostructured Materials for Energy: Synthesis, Assembly, and Device Integration.” This highly competitive award recognizes outstanding new faculty for the quality and pertinence of their research and is intended to help them achieve tenure, remain in their academic positions and conduct research. In addition to the honor, the grant provides $15,000/year until tenure is achieved, up to a maximum of three years. The award is given to nontenured faculty members who are nominated by 3M researchers and who are working on research topics that are of interest to 3M.

Richard Robinson is an assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University. His research is centered on understanding the fundamental physics of nanomaterials, such as their thermal properties, and applying novel nanosynthetic design concepts to tailor the properties of nanomaterials by controlling their size, shape, composition, and surfaces. His group is targeting new materials for lithium storage, thermoelectrics, and electrocatalysis. His group is also pioneering a new method to probe phonon transport in nanostructures.

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