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Robinson group paper has been selected for inclusion in IOPselect

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Obafemi Otelaja, Graduate Student with the Robinson Research Group

Robinson group paper has been selected for inclusion in IOPselect, a special collection of journal articles, chosen by the Institute of Physics (IOP) Editors based on one or more of the following criteria:

*Substantial advances or significant breakthroughs

*A high degree of novelty

*Significant impact on future research

Qualifying articles are published first in the online journal and then become free for 365 days from the date they enter IOPselect.

The Robinson groups’ paper is on their phonon transmission work, detailing the methods to construct and operate a microfabricated phonon spectrometer to study nanoscale heat transport. They are developing tools to understand heat flow at nanoscale dimensions.

Their results have implications for thermal management in nanoscale electronics and the design of nanostructured thermoelectrics for alternative energy applications.

 O.O. Otelaja, J.B. Hertzberg, M. Aksit, and R.D. Robinson, “Design and operation of a microfabricated phonon spectrometer utilizing superconducting tunnel junctions as phonon transducers,” New Journal of Physics 15, 43018 (2013)

The article has already been downloaded 355 times since April 2013.

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