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We are excited to welcome Professor R. Bruce van Dover as the new director of our department!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

MSE Department Director Professor R. Bruce van Dover

Research Interests

* UHF properties of magnetic thin films * Synthesis and characterization of novel optical materials (nonlinear materials, thin film gain media, etc.) * Characterization of nanometer-scale materials: superconductors, dielectrics, and magnetic materials * Electronic phase diagrams determined by induced surface charges rather than chemical doping * Composition-spread approach to parallelized synthesis/characterization of materials, including novel catalysts for direct-methanol fuel cell anodes.

Selected Publications

  • Gregoire, J. M., D. Dale, A. Kazimirov, F. J. DiSalvo, Robert B. Van Dover. 2009. "High energy x-ray diffraction/x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for high-throughput analysis of composition spread thin films." Review of Scientific Instruments 80 (12).
  • Barron, S. C., M. M. Noginov, D. Werder, L. F. Schneemeyer, Robert B. Van Dover. 2009. "Dielectric response of tantalum oxide subject to induced ion bombardment during oblique sputter deposition." Journal of Applied Physics 106 (10).
  • Kirby, S. D., Robert B. Van Dover. 2009. "Improved conductivity of ZnO through codoping with In and Al." Thin Solid Films 517 (6): 1958-1960.
  • Gregoire, J. M., M. Kostylev, M. E. Tague, P. F. Mutolo, Robert B. Van Dover, F. J. DiSalvo, H. D. Abruna. 2009. "High-Throughput Evaluation of Dealloyed Pt-Zn Composition-Spread Thin Film for Methanol-Oxidation Catalysis." Journal of the Electrochemical Society 156 (1): B160-B166.
  • Gregoire, J. M., S. D. Kirby, M. E. Turk, Robert B. Van Dover. 2009. "Structural, electronic and optical properties of (Sc,Y)N solid solutions." Thin Solid Films 517 (5): 1607-1609.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • More than 30 patents issued.
  • "Highly Cited--Physics". Ranked 29th in the world for the period 1981 - 1997. (Thomson ISI)



  • BS (Engineering/Engineering Physics), Princeton University, 1974
  • MA (Applied Physics), Stanford University, 1975
  • Ph D (Physics), Stanford University, 1980

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