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MSE Students Bob Bell and Angela Stelson visit India

At the Somaiya School in Mumbai

MSE Students Bob Bell and Angela Stelson traveled to India under the umbrella of the Grassroots GK12 Program. A group of four Cornell graduate students and two teachers from Central New York were selected to participate in this trip. They visited Mumbai and several communities in the surrounding area to interact with students of all ages. They visited nine different schools including public, private and tribal schools. They developed several hands-on science activities for the students to demonstrate ultraviolet sensitivity in materials, nutrient delivery of plant roots, pH control in soil and the human body, and thermodynamics using balloons. They also visited several green manufacturing facilities dedicated to utilizing sugar cane to the fullest, including a power plant, a sugar processing facility and a chemical refinery. They were also able to visit several incredible cultural sites, such as the caves of Ellora, Gol Gumbaz and Pattadakal. It was truly an incredible cultural learning experience, and those who traveled to India learned much from the students with whom they had the pleasure of interacting. 

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