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Martin Murtagh

  • Martin Murtagh
  • Dept: Materials Science and Engineering
  • Title: Adjunct Professor
  • Address: 311 Bard Hall
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Dr. Murtagh has been working in the field of material science and engineering for the better part of 30 years. Although he began his materials career as a potter, he has worked for Corning Incorporated since 1985 in their Science and Technology Division, supporting exploratory materials development in the area of spark ignition and diesel oxidation catalytic substrates for mobile emissions, including the recent advances in the wall-flow diesel particulate filter.

He received a BA in geology and ceramic arts from Hartwick College, MSc in ceramic science from Pennsylvania State University, and a MSc and PhD in material science and engineering from Cornell University. He holds 8 United States and European patents in the area of spark ignition and diesel criterion pollution abatement.

He has been involved in numerous design and knowledge transfer programs through Corning's links to universities and government laboratories in the US, Japan, Europe, and Russia. He managed specific design and knowledge transfers at the University of Vienna, Austria; University of Limerick, Ireland; and the European Union Laboratory Patten, in the Netherlands. These broad links have been valuable building blocks that have led to collaborative international research and development group breakthroughs via materials enabled knowledge transfers.

Research Interests

Dr. Murtagh is currently directing an exploratory powder technology program, in addition to his responsibilities in the advancement of mechanical reliability characterization methods for glass and ceramic micro- and macrostructures.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Murtagh's current teaching interest emphasizes materials enabled design through the understanding of early stage product development complexities, which involve staging invention and innovation via the critical selection of materials for a projected final product function.

Selected Publications

  • Tan, K W., H. Sai, S W. Robbins, J G. Werner, T N. Hoheisel, S A. Hesse, P A. Beaucage, F J. DiSalvo, S M. Gruner, M. Murtagh, U Wiesner. 2015. "Ordered mesoporous crystalline aluminas from self-assembly of ABC triblock terpolymer-butanol-alumina sols." RSC Adv. 5 (61): 49287-49294.
  • Ku, N., C. Hare, M. Ghadiri, M. Murtagh, R A Haber. 2015. "Effect of mechanical vibration on the size and microstructure of titania granules produced by auto-granulation." Powder Technology 286: 223-229.
  • Hare, C., U. Zafar, M. Ghadiri, T. Freeman, J. Clayton, M J Murtagh. 2015. "Analysis of the dynamics of the FT4 powder rheometer." Powder Technology 285: 123-127.
  • Murtagh, Martin, T. V. Johnson. 2014. "Diesel Particulate Filter Overview: Material, Geometry and Application." In AUTOMOTIVE EXHAUST EMISSIONS: Control and Energy Recovery , edited by Apostolos Pesiridis. Hauppauge NY: Nova Science Publishers.
  • O'Sullivan, D., M J. Pomeroy, S. Hampshire, Martin Murtagh. 2004. "Degradation Resistance of Silicon Carbide Diesel Particulate Filters to Diesel Fuel Ash Deposits." Journal of Materials Research 19 (10): 2913-2921.


  • BA (Geology), Hartwick College, 1979
  • BA (Art), Hartwick College, 1979
  • MSc (Ceramic Science), Pennsylvania State University, 1985
  • MSc (Materials Science and Engineering), Cornell University, 1999
  • Ph D (Materials Science and Engineering), Cornell University, 2001