2022 Research Symposium

The 7th Annual Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Research Symposium took place on Friday, August 19, 2022.

A detailed schedule can be found below.

Thank you to our generous sponsors: Arkema, Corning, IBM

We would also like to thank our panel moderators, session chairs, and the organizing committee:

  • Bennett Cromer - Industry Panel Moderator
  • Duncan Sutherland - Session I Chair
  • Jason Huang - Session II Chair
  • Lilly Tsaur - Session III Chair
  • Stephan Sutter - Organizing Committee
  • Rachael Skye - Organizing Committee
  • Naomi Pieczulewski - Organizing Committee
  • Marissa Porter - Organizing Committee Lead



8:45am - Registration & Breakfast - Kimball B11

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Join us for coffee and breakfast before the day's events.

9:30am - Opening Remarks - Kimball B11

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Director of Graduate Studies Eve Donnelly and symposium student organizers make opening introductory remarks.

9:45am-11:00am - Session I - Kimball B11

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9:45amKathy AzizieSchlomSi-Doped β-Ga2O3 Films Grown at 1 μm/hr by Suboxide MBE
10:00amCameron GorsakNairMOCVD Growth of High Purity β-Ga2O3 Thin Films
10:15amMing-Chiang ChangThompsonToward Autonomous Scientific Research using Artificial Intelligence
10:30amTucker SwensonBenedekBreathing in MIL-53: A DFT-Driven Landau Theory Investigation
10:45amQi TangHassaniAdditive Manufacturing of Metals with Supersonic Micron-scale Impacts

11:15am-12:15pm - Industry & Alumni Panel - Kimball B11

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  • Miki Kunitake - Corning Inc. - 2015 MSE PhD - Estroff group
  • Nicole Wiles - Corning Inc. - 2020 MSE PhD - Baker group
  • Daksh Arora - Honda Aircraft - 2019 MSE MS - Donnelly group
  • Yuk Mun Li - Arkema - 2018 CBE PhD - Wiesner group

12:30pm-1:30pm - Lunch - McManus Lounge

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Registrants are invited to attend a catered lunch in McManus Lounge, located at 166 Hollister Hall.

1:45pm-3:20pm - Session II - Kimball B11

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1:45pmJEDI TeamJustice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion 
2:00pmBennett CromerJena-XingWide and Ultra-wide band gap Power Electronics
2:15pmJon McCandlessJena-XingTransport in Si-Ga2O3
2:30pmJashan SinghalJena-XingElectronics on AIN platform
2:45pmAdrita DassMoridiDendritic deformation modes in additive manufacturing revealed by operando x-ray diffraction
3:00pmLattice TeamMSE GPSA 

3:30pm-4:45pm - Session III - Kimball B11

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3:30pmRachael SkyeCAPE CryStaLUsing interface curvature to tune assembly structure of hard shapes
3:45pmYuming (Robin) HuangOberProgramming Nanostructures of Helical Polypeptide Rod Brushes for Tunable Surface Morphology
4:00pmWilliam MooreWiesnerCarbon capture photocatalysis with ordered porous block-copolymer templated semiconductors
4:15pmYuan YaoRobinsonMagic from magic sized clusters: Hierarchical self-organization and origin of chiroptical properties
4:30pmMokshin SuriHanrathPhoto-electrochemical interactions at the interface of quantum dots and microbial membranes

4:45pm-6:30pm - Poster Session - Duffield Atrium North

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Mahdi AyoubiEstroffLeveraging 3D Imaging Techniques to Understand the Role of the Osteocytes Network in Mediating Breast Cancer Metastasis to Bone
Andreia FenleyDshemuchadsePhase Exploration of Magnetic Handshake Materials
Cameron GorsakNairCharacterization of PdCoO2 Thin Films and MOCVD Growth of High Quality Ga2O3
Jonathan Rowell & Yafu JiaRobinsonMonodisperse transition metal spinel nanocrystal synthesis based on mechanistic understanding 
Florian KaferOberChemically Amplified Photoresists with Precise Molecular Structure
Talisi MeyerRobinsonScalable Ternary Metal Sulfide Nanoparticle Synthesis for Energy Applications
Abby NasonSuntivichREACT
Saif SiddiqueCha4D-STEM imaging of charge density wave phase transition in 1T-TaS2
William TaitWiesnerStructure Direction of Large-Pore Co-Continuous Carbon Monoliths via Ultralarge Linear Diblock Copolymers for Energy Storage Applications
Kaiyang WangYeoDFT calculation of cobalt in nitrogen-doped graphene as Li-S battery catalysts
Quinton WrightDonnellyTBD
Hanfeng ZhaiYeoMultiscale Mechanics of Graphene Fracture under Thermal Gradients using Empirical and Machine-Learning Interatomics Forcefields