Master of Engineering Degree Requirements

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Distribution of Credits

Minimum of 30 qualifying credits. ALL credits must be graduate level (5000+ level) to meet requirements.

21 Credits:

  • MSE Core Courses: Either in our MEng program or in previous work (equivalent courses at the undergraduate or graduate level), students must complete courses in Structure of Materials, Thermodynamics of Materials (phase equilibria), Kinetics in Materials (diffusion), and one properties course.
    • Either MSE 5801, MSE 5802, MSE 5830, and MSE 5840
    • Or MSE 6060, MSE 5830, MSE 5840, and one of MSE 5820 or 5850
  • MSE electives and Materials Application Electives (or similar content at graduate level (5000+ level)
  • Project: 4-8 credits
  • A minimum of 6 credits in MSE numbered courses beyond the project
  • 1 credit seminar
  • 2 credits MSE 5005 "MSE MEng Professional Development" (1/semester)

3 credits:

  • One management course (NCC 5540, CHEM 5720, CEE5900, CEE 5910, CEE 5930, NBA 6650, or CEE 6900)

6 technical elective credits:

  • Consistent with preparing for a career in a materials related field

Internship Track

  • Students may elect to follow the internship track for their degree
  • If the student chooses the internship track and is in a 2 semester program, they must complete their corporate internship prior to the end of their second semester of coursework needed to complete degree requirements.
  • Students are responsible for securing their own internship.  Guidance from the MSE Department will be provided.
  • Internships can vary in length. If a student takes an internship during the semester, they apply for a Leave of Absence from Cornell.
  • Students must enroll in MSE 5010 or MSE 5020 in the semester following their internship summer.
  • International students must be approved for Curricular Practical Trainingonce they have been offered a paid internship.

MEng Grade Requirements

To obtain an MEng degree in Materials Science and Engineering, students must meet the MS&E conditions for good academic standing. Those conditions are as follows:

  • Minimum Semester  MEng GPA of 2.5
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 across all MS&E courses
  • No grade below a C- in every graded course taken