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Corporate experience - M.Eng. students can work with a range of companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. 


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Masters of Engineering projects enable students to apply knowledge acquired in the M.Eng. program to a specific application of scientific, industrial, biological, or environmental importance. The project integrates materials science, engineering, design, and, in some cases, economics to achieve specific goals, such as the development of innovative technology, refinement of new analytical tools, or improved understanding of material properties, synthesis, and processing. Projects can be individual or team led under the guidance of Cornell faculty, Cornell scientists, or industrial partners.



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Fatigue Performance of Chain Components Material

The increased demand for improved performance and reduced cost in engines has led to significant competition in engine component materials and manufacturing process technologies. 

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Characterization of Nitride Layer in the Nitrided Stainless Steel

Nitriding is an established hardening technique to strengthen steels. Nitriding is used to produce many engineering components for example automotive and aircraft parts, bearings, turbine generation systems, and textile machinery.

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Characterization of Vanadium Carbide Coatings

Transition metal carbides have been studied due to their excellent properties, such as high hardness, elevated melting temperature, good chemical and mechanical stability, and high thermal conductivity.

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Effects of Sb on the microstructure and thermal fatigue resistance of Sn-Ag-Cu solder alloys

Among series of lead-free solders, SnAgCu has been the prevailing choice for surface mount technology (SMT) assembly solder alloy at electronic industry. However, its adaptability toward automotive application is challenged due to questionable service temperature range capability.

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Effects of Sb on the voiding performance of Sn-Ag-Cu solder alloys

Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) lead-free solders have been considered as the leading candidates to replace the conventional Sn-Pb solders owing to their good manufacturability, creep resistance, and thermomechanical fatigue resistance.

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Highly reliable Pressure-Less Silver Sintering Joint

Silver sintering material is next generation lead-free die attach material due to its high thermal and electrical conductivity and high reliability. At present, silver sintered joints obtained under pressure conditions have been found to have much better reliability .

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MEMS - Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

Kionix is a large producer of MEMS inertial sensors. To date, these have mostly been a change in capacitance to detect a change in acceleration. For a new project we are investigating piezoelectric effect for sensing very small changes in acceleration.

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Kionix is a large producer of MEMS inertial sensors that are resonant structures. Each MEMS of these designs require specific damping. To better help the design and process control, we are looking to study the mechanisms by which Titanium can be used.

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Synthesis and Formulation of Lithium Battery Electrolyte

The company is innovating electrolyte material for safe and high-energy lithium ion batteries. The designed material will exhibit superior ionic conductivity and unique safety properties as a brand-new category amongst all current electrolyte solutions.

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Development of Advanced Lithium Battery

The company, with its advanced cathode and electrolyte materials, is developing safe and high-energy lithium ion batteries. The project involves applications of the electrolyte materials on the final product, Lionano lithium battery.

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Material Impact on PCR

The end application is our Rheonix consumable, the CARD. Within the CARD (which can be seen on our website) is an area used for polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This area is a set of tubes in a strip which we fill with reagents (master mix) to perform PCR.

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Archival Report Database Search Tool

The Universal Instruments electronics assembly research consortium has compiled 20+ years of research results in the form of discrete reports on various topics. This project will design, code, and implement a versatile and functional search tool to identify and locate reports .

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Moisture Vapor Transmission in Conformal Coating Materials

Electronic circuit board assemblies designed to operate in harsh environments are often coated with conformal polymeric materials to protect the attached components and interconnects from various environmental threats. 

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Student Work Study

Corning Inc. is a world class materials science company with a branch about a 1 hour drive from Ithaca. They have agreed to take up to three students full time during the spring semester. 

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Student Work Study

Incodema3D, a business segment of Incodema Group, is a leader in Direct Metal 3D Printing. After a successful MSE MEng student project last year, they have agreed to consider taking up to one student full time during the spring semester.

Bruce van Dover

Optical Characterization of Dielectric Films

This project will involve developing techniques for rapid characterization of the optical properties of dielectric thin films. A diffraction-grating spectrometer will be used to collect reflectance data at various positions on a substrate; with appropriate modeling .

Anil Netravali

Optimizing Tensile Properties of Liquid Crystalline Cellulose Fibers

Advanced composites are made by reinforcing polymers with high strength fibers. In this research high strength cellulosic fibers using liquid crystalline cellulose will be chemically, mechanically and thermally treated to further enhance their molecular orientation .

Chris Ober

Mini-Monomer Encapsulated Emulsion ARGET ATRP of o-Nitrobenzyl Methacrylate

Mini-Monomer Encapsulated Emulsion ARGET ATRP (Mini-ME emulsion) was developed in this lab to polymerize poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) sidestepping limitations of other conventional forms of emulsion polymerization techniques, such as monomer transport .

Andrej Singer

Strain sensitivity in Bragg Coherent Diffraction Imaging

Bragg Coherent Diffractive Imaging is incredibly powerful in three-dimensional imaging of strain inside individual nanoparticles. Coupled with high penetration of x-rays it is unique in understanding materials in real operating conditions, including energy materials.

Michael Thompson

Development of a Susceptor Layer for Laser Spike Annealing

This project will involve developing a thin film layer that can be used to absorb focused laser energy in order to raise the local temperature of a second thin film that is in intimate contact. The thin films may be deposited by sputtering or may be synthesized by pyrolyzing .

Research Sample

Interdisciplinary Design Concepts (IDC) - MSE5070

This course emphasizes entrepreneurial driven technology designs (forward engineering) by integrating mechanical, chemical, and materials engineering through the understanding of early stage product development complexities. 

MSE M.ENG & Lionano Internship Collaboration