Master of Engineering Degree Requirements

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Distribution of Credits

Minimum of 30 qualifying credits

21 Credits:

  • MSE Core Courses: Either in our M.Eng. program, or in previous work, students must complete 2060, 3030, and 3040 (or equivalents) and one “properties” class (2610, 2620, 3010, 3050, or 4020)
  • MSE electives and Materials Application Electives (or similar content at grad level) See Courses on right for further details.
  • Project: 4-8 credits
  • A minimum of 6 credits in MSE numbered courses beyond the project
  • 2 credits seminar (1/semester)

3 credits:

  • one management course (NCC 5540, CHEM 5720, CEE5900, CEE 5910, CEE 5930, NBA 6650, or CEE 6900)

6 technical elective credits:

  • consistent with preparing for a career in a materials related field

Internship Track

  • Students may elect to follow the internship track for their degree
  • If the student chooses the internship track and is in a 2 semester program, they must complete their corporate internship prior to the end of their second semester of coursework needed to complete degree requirements.
  • Students are responsible for securing their own internship.  Guidance from the MSE Department will be provided.
  • Internships can vary in length. If a student takes an internship during the semester, they apply for a Leave of Absence from Cornell.
  • Students must enroll in MSE 5010 or MSE 5020 in the semester following their internship summer.
  • International students must be approved for Curricular Practical Trainingonce they have been offered a paid internship.

MEng Grade Requirements

To obtain an MEng degree in Materials Science and Engineering, students must meet the MS&E conditions for good academic standing. Those conditions are as follows:

  • Minimum Semester  MEng GPA of 2.5
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 across all MS&E courses
  • No grade below a C- in every graded course taken