Exemplary MSE students may graduate with Distinction and/or Honors by fulfilling a number of objectives. 

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Honors Program

In order to be eligible to participate in this Major’s Honors Program, students must meet the Major Honors Programs criteria:

  • At least 9 credits above the minimum required for graduation in Materials Science and Engineering, so that the minimum number of credits for an honors degree is 139. The additional courses must be technical in nature, i.e. in engineering, mathematics, chemistry, and physics, at the 4000 and graduate levels, with selected courses at the 3000 level, which must be approved by the Major advisor.
  • Write a senior honors thesis (8 credits) and receive at least a grade of A- for both semesters.

Timing: Candidates are required to send e-mail to mmc2@cornell.edu with the subject line "Honors Candidate".  The deadline for receipt of messages requesting honors is October 15 for May and August candidates and March 15 for January candidates, during or prior to senior year.

Procedures: A faculty advisor must supervise each student's senior thesis project.  Written approval by the faculty member who will direct this research is required.