Reopening and Fall 2020 Resources

Student Information for Fall 2020

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Fall 2020 Elective List

  • MSE 4330/5330                       Materials for Energy Production, Storage, Conversion
  • MSE 5320/CHEME 5320         Glass: Structure, Properties, and Modern Applications
  • MSE 6060                                Condensed Matter Structure (enrollment limited to Graduate Students)

M.Eng. Students 

Visit the M.Eng FAQ page. If you do not see the answer to your question, email your question to Alex Deyhim

Current MSE Operational Status 

  • Tompkins County COVID Status: NY State Stage 4.
  • Activities that can be done off-campus should continue to be done off-campus.  Faculty and research personnel whose work requires, or is markedly enhanced by, the use of university facilities, may now begin to do so underprovided in MSEs reactivation plan.
  • MSE facilities are approved for operations at a maximum operational density of 50% pre-COVID-19 level.  Under NY State Stage 4 there are no caps on the total number of faculty or research group members on campus.  A maximum number of individuals in a room, as defined in a PIs restart protocol, remain in effect.
  • All on-campus personnel (including Faculty) must complete EH&S COVID-19 training prior to returning to campus.
  • All returning research personnel must complete the Researcher and Support Staff Reopening Questionnaire prior to returning to campus.
  • Personnel returning to campus must 
  • Student and research personnel offices and some specifically labeled conference rooms are available for use for research personnel approved for on-campus activities.  Students should only use their assigned seat and follow posted maximum occupancy and other rules (including logging in and out).  During office use, you must continue to follow your research groups approved protocol for scheduling and buddy system.  Further details are below. 

MSE Faculty, Staff and Research Personnel/Graduate Student Information

MSE Faculty and Research Personnel/Graduate Student Travel Policy

  • Non-essential business travel remains prohibited.
  • For domestic travel, please follow the Tompkins County/NYS guidelines 
    • Including self-quarantine for 14 days for individuals (including Ithaca residents) incoming from a list of NYS restricted states (see website for an updated list on TCH website)
  • For international travel, please follow the CDC guidelines
    • Including self-quarantine for 14 days after returning from international travel.
  • Recommended best practice:
    • A housemate of a traveler to a restricted state (with 24-hour stay):  quarantine 14 days or until a negative test is returned.
    • A traveler to “hotspot” (including NYC) or outside of NYS (with 24-hour stay):  quarantine 14 days or until a negative test is returned.
  • Guidelines remain dynamic and may change over the course of a trip.

Office Use Policy - Research Personnel and Graduate Students 

  • Research personnel including graduate students are ONLY allowed to use offices if they have been cleared for on-campus operations through an approved research protocol AND they are on campus for approved research.  
  • Follow posted instructions for maximum occupancy times, dwell times in between use, cleanliness (wipe down workstation, and door handle before and after use).  Apply hand sanitizer when entering and exiting.  Sign in and out using the posted log sheet.

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