MSE students win NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

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Naomi Pieczulewski and Quynh Sam have been selected as 2022 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows, and Quinton Wright is an Honorable Mention recipient – prestigious honors from the fellowship program that identifies doctoral students likely to achieve a high level of success in their future academic and professional careers.

From top: Naomi Pieczulewski, Quynh Sam, and Quinton Wright.
From top: Naomi Pieczulewski, Quynh Sam, and Quinton Wright.

The fellowships provide students with a three-year annual stipend, allowance for tuition and fees, and access to opportunities for professional development available to NSF-supported graduate students. The honor also helps students become life-long leaders that contribute significantly to both scientific innovation and teaching, according to the program’s website. Past fellows include numerous Nobel Prize winners, a former U.S. Secretary of Energy, and the founder of Google.

Pieczulewski is a member of the Muller Group, which uses the highest resolution electron microscopy in the world to understand the behavior of materials at the atomic scale.

Sam is a member of the Cha Group, which studies novel electronic properties and phase transformations of nanoscale materials for device and energy applications.

Wright is a member of the Donnelly Group, which focuses on the contribution of tissue microstructure and composition to the material and structural behavior of healthy and pathologic connective tissues.

Several alumni of MSE’s undergraduate program also received 2022 fellowships, including Rees Chang ’20, Neethu Pottackal ’20, and Tao Hong ’19. Nick Diaco ’21, who worked with the Ober Group as an engineering physics undergraduate, was also named a fellow.

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