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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University is one of the premier MSE programs internationally. We earned this position through our leadership in innovative interdisciplinary research and our dedication to providing an exceptional education at all levels.

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MSE Welcomes Professor Anthony J. Ryan, OBE

We are pleased to welcome Professor Anthony J. Ryan

Electrical properties of superconductor altered by 'stretching'

A Cornell-led team of researchers has displayed the ability to alter superconductor strontium...

Professor Wiesner awarded the Arthur K. Doolittle Award

The Award will be presented at the Spring 2017 ACS PMSE Awards session in San Francisco.

Made better through science: Calcite tuned to be mollusk-tough

A Cornell-led international team of researchers has developed a way to harden natural calcite by a...

Latest Spotlights

Divya Srinivasan Best Poster Award

Divya Srinivasan, undergrad in the Wiesner Group awarded Best Poster

MSE Graduate Student Benjamin MacMurray

Benjamin MacMurray (Shepherd Lab) had his presentation at Spring MRS featured

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