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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University is one of the premier MSE programs internationally. We earned this position through our leadership in innovative interdisciplinary research and our dedication to providing an exceptional education at all levels.

Recent News

First self-assembled superconductor structure created

A Cornell team has created the first self-assembled three-dimensional superconductor, another step...

Materials scientists learn how mother of pearl is made

Electron microscope images show how mollusks build the incredibly strong and beautiful material...

Art series highlights creative discovery in 'A Needle Woman'

A Needle Woman, artist Kimsooja's project with materials scientists that was displayed on the Arts...

Cornell dots research collaboration leads to $10M cancer center

Cornell University, in partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, is opening a new...

Latest Spotlights

Congratulations Assistant Professor Nicole Benedek

Professor Benedek has been chosen as a 2016 rising star of materials chemistry research in a themed issue of Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

MSE 2015 Newsletter