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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University is one of the premier MSE programs internationally. We earned this position through our leadership in innovative interdisciplinary research and our dedication to providing an exceptional education at all levels.

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How to build a silica nanocage

Recent News

Collaboration yields discovery of 12-sided silica cages

Self-assembled dodecahedral structures – 12-sided silica cages that could have applications in...

Self-assembling 3D battery would charge in seconds

Uli Wiesner and collaborators have developed a block copolymer self-assembled 3D energy storage...

Re-imagining Computer System Memories

Interdisciplinary team will provide new insights and an entirely new paradigm for the semiconductor...

Materials science master's offers academics along with real-world experience

Students in MSE's Masters of Engineering program takes advantage of practical experiences as well...

Latest Spotlights

Natalie Dawley, MSE Ph.D. Student

Natalie Dawley, a member of the Schlom group, featured in College of Engineering Spotlight

MSE alumna Sanlin Robinson's "Behind the Paper" article

How combining expertise in cardiology, biomedical engineering, materials, and manufacturing led to a methodology for personalized cardiovascular implants.