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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University is one of the premier MSE programs internationally. We earned this position through our leadership in innovative interdisciplinary research and our dedication to providing an exceptional education at all levels.

Recent News

Donnelly receives NSF CAREER Award

Eve Donnelly, assistant professor and Dale R. Corson Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow in the...

Carlie Mendoza of the Wiesner Group is featured in The Cornell Daily Sun!

Mendoza '16 Synthesizes Fluorescent Nanoprobes for cancer imaging

We are excited to welcome Nicole Benedek to MSE!

Meet materials theorist Assistant Professor Nicole Benedek!

MSE researchers exploit spin-orbit effects to alter oxide properties

New 'knobs' can dial in control of materials

Latest Spotlights

MSE Students Bob Bell and Angela Stelson visit India

They traveled to India under the umbrella of the Grassroots GK12 Program.

Prof. Chris Ober to receive the 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award from the The Society of Photopolymer Science and Technology

presented for his outstanding achievements in photopolymer science and technology, “Development of new advanced photoresist for microelectronics”.