Cornell MSE MEng/UG Poster Session



May 4, 2022 from 5:00pm - 7:00pm EDT
Upson Lounge (Upson Hall 116)
All are invited to join!

Marissa Porter:


A special thank you to our esteemed judges:

  • Dr. Reza Bateni, Sr. Materials and Metallurgical Engineer at BorgWarner Morse TEC
  • Dr. Cor Drost, Chief Technology Officer at Transonic Systems, Inc.
  • Kellie Putman, Sr. Process Engineer, MT&E - CMS Facility at Corning Incorporated
  • Karl Smolenski, CBETA Project Manager, Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics

2022 Poster Line-Up:




1Thermal Analysis for Low Temperature Solder Mixed AssemblyChun-Hao WangUniversal Instruments Corporation
2Development of Diffractive Optical Elements for Optical SensorsEileen CheongAMS OSRAM
3FAPBI3 Quantum Dot Solar Cells with a Self-Assembling Monolayer Hole Transport LayerHenry HarwoodDr. Qiuming Yu
4Offshore Hydrogen Production and Critical Mineral Extraction for a Smooth Energy TransitionJunyi JiangProf. Maha Haji
5Metal Alloy DevelopmentYue ShiXallent LLC
6Development of Fluorine-Based Etching Process for Amorphous Silicon in Metasurface Optical SensorsYibei LiAMS OSRAM
7Hemp Fiber Characterization & Testing for Hemp Fiber Reinforced CompositesMelisa KreismanisProf. Lawrence Smart
8Optimizing Rice Straw Composite MaterialsFrancesca BardProf. Anil Netravali
9Analysis of Pretreatment Process in Reverse Osmosis of the Integrated Pumped Hydro Reverse Osmosis SystemWen-Jung ChienSEA LAB (Prof. Maha)
10Mechanical Properties of Mycelium-based CompositesTiffany ChuiProf. Meredith Silberstein
11Peptoid Photoresists for EUV PhotolithographySwati KurupProf. Christopher Ober
12Actuator Overprinting via Volumetric Additive ManufacturingMatthew CreightonProf. Robert Shepherd (Organic Robotics Lab)
13Competitive Adsorption for Area-Selective Atomic Layer DepositionAnna BrownProf. James Engstrom
14Computational Modeling of Zinc Blende-like Nanocluster StructuresJoy HendrixProf. Julia Dshemuchadse
15Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 at the Interface of CsH2PO4 Electrolyte and Transition Metal ElectrocatalystsAlex PengProf. Jin Suntivich
16Investigating the Non-classical Nucleation Pathways of Coccolith via Synthetic SystemsJessica Xiang

Konrad Hedderick (MSE PhD)

Prof. Lara Estroff

17Simulating Pressure-Driven Solid-Solid Phase Transformations Across Crystal Structure TypesHongjin DuProf. Julia Dshemuchadse
18Effect of Poisson Noise on Coherent X-ray Imaging ReconstructionYumeng (Grace) SongProf. Andrej Singer
19Analysis of Thermal Conductivity of Diamond Doped Polyphenyl Ether

CLASSE team:

  • Francesca Bard
  • Matthew Creighton
  • Banpreet Singh
  • Roland St. Michel

Karl Smolenski

Prof. Christopher Umbach

20Structure of Carbon Sulfur Cathodes
  • Alaina Zanardi
  • Zezette Pflaum
  • Luka Radosavljevic
  • Ziyang Zhang
21Analysis of Degradation on Medical Devices due to Manual Wiping & Sterifre's AURA device.
  • Gary Wang
  • Tiffany Chui
  • Sam Karunwi