Tuition and Financial Aid

Paying for higher education can seem daunting, but it is really an investment in your future. 



The tuition for undergraduate programs is set by the university. The College of Engineering and all departments within are part of the 'Endowed College' for more information, please visit the Financial Aid Office.

Master of Engineering: 

M. Eng program is a Tier 1 Professional degree at Cornell; for more information about tuition, please visit the Bursar's Office

Graduate Programs:

The tuition for the graduate programs is set by the Graduate school; for more information, please visit the Graduate School.

Financial Support:


There are a variety of opportunities based on merit and need available to undergraduate students.

For more information: Visit the Financial Aid Office

Graduate Programs:

Master of Engineering: 

Financial assistance for the Master of Engineering degree is available through the graduate fields, the College of Engineering, and the Graduate School. Click on the links below to find more information.

For more information: Visit the Graduate School Finance & Funding Page

Master of Science:

Students accepted into the Master of Science program in the Field of MSE can receive financial support from outside sources in any of several forms: external fellowships, loans, and private support. The Cornell Department of Materials Science and Engineering cannot offer direct financial support to students in this program, but will assist in securing outside support. The Cornell Graduate School maintains a useful database of fellowships. You may also be eligible for government-supported loan programs.

For more information: Visit the Graduate School website.

PhD Program: 

Students accepted into the MSE Ph.D. program receive financial support from the department, the university, or outside sources. Support comes in any of several forms: fellowships, graduate research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Students may also apply for merit-based financial aid as part of the application process.


Graduate fellowships are awarded on the basis of scholastic ability and promise of achievement. They cover tuition and include a stipend for living expenses. Fellowships may vary in length and are awarded by Cornell’s Graduate Fellowship Board, the College of Engineering, and the Field of MSE.

MSE Ph.D. students are also strongly encouraged to seek externally funded fellowships such as those funded by the National Science Foundation and other institutions. A useful resource for tracking fellowship opportunities can be found at the Cornell Graduate School’s fellowship database.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA)

MSE Ph.D. students typically serve as graduate research assistants for all but one semester of the program (that semester is spent as a teaching assistant). The GRA is the most common of all types of financial support and allows students to conduct research. This research often constitutes the student’s dissertation work and the preparation leading up to it. Students on a GRA receive full tuition and stipend for the academic year. Summer support appointments are made separately.

Teaching Assistantships (TA)

All MSE Ph.D. students serve as a teaching assistant for at least one semester – typically sometime in the second year. It is a very important component of the educational experience at Cornell. All TAs receive full tuition and stipend.