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Modified microwave oven cooks up next-gen semiconductors

A household microwave oven modified by a Cornell Engineering professor is helping to cook up the next generation of cellphones, computers and other electronics after the invention was shown to overcome a major challenge faced by the semiconductor industry. Read more

Jena publishes new textbook on quantum physics of semiconductors

“Quantum Physics of Semiconductor Materials and Devices” authored by Professor Debdeep Jena, molds scientific subjects such as quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and electromagnetism, all under the umbrella of the semiconductor materials and devices that have become ubiquitous in daily life. Read more

Study sheds new light on materials assembly in confinement

Researchers at Cornell used computer simulations to show how the assembly of a complex particle shape is affected when confined inside a spherical container. The findings offer scientists a new method for controlling the assembly structure of the resulting material. Read more