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Robinson group has three journal cover articles in 2018

The Robinson group’s research has been recognized by being awarded journal covers for three publications in 2018. The works are in the area of nanoparticles and x-ray emission spectroscopy characterization methods for nanomaterials, and make use of the Cornell synchrotron (CHESS) for advanced characterization of materials.

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Journal of the American Chemical Society cover

Novel pathway for magic-sized clusters

Researchers in the labs of Richard Robinson (MSE)and Tobias Hanrath (CBE) have developed a new nanosynthetic pathway to achieve ultra-pure and highly stable groups of same-sized nanoparticles – known as “magic-sized clusters.” Their paper, “Mesophase Formation Stabilizes High-Purity Magic-Sized Clusters,” appears on a cover of the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

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