Arthur Louis Ruoff

Arthur Louis Ruoff

Materials Science and Engineering


His research interests include the behavior of materials at extreme pressures, energy and economics. He is a winner of the Bridgman award for his outstanding ultrapressure research. Ruoff served as department director for ten years. He was member of the committees that wrote the research proposals for the Cornell Center for Materials Research, the Cornell Nanofabrication facility and the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source. He is the author of 317 scientific publications and three books, the latest "The Declaration of Energy Independence" to be available in June 2012.

Research Interests

Ruoff created the static multimegabar research area (1 Mbar= 100 GPa); the pressure at the deepest spot in the ocean is 0.1 GP. His group carried out x-ray diffraction studies at 216 GPa (1987) and 255 GPa (1988), 416 GPa (1990) exceeding, for the first time, the pressure at the center of the earth (361 GPa), and at 560 GPa (1992). This is a factor of over 60 higher than reached by Nobel Prize winner Percy Bridgman for his high pressure studies. His group made oxygen into an excellent metal at 95 GPa in 1990 (confirmed by Shimizu in 1998). Ruoff's group made sulfur metallic at 95 GPa in 1992 (confirmed by Struzkin et al in 1996). His group showed that H2 still has an energy band gap of 1.9 eV at 342GPa in 1998 (confirmed by Zha et al in 2012 at 360 GPa). He is currently preparing for experiments to exceed 1000GPa (1TPa).

Selected Publications

  • Ruoff, Arthur.  2011.  "The Declaration of Energy Independence."  , 148. Linus Publications, Inc..
  • Ruoff, Arthur.  2011. "World Poverty, Another Look."  Environment, Development, and Sustainability 13 (4): 677-683.
  • Narayana, C., R G. Greene, Arthur Ruoff.  2008. "Studies on Silane to 70 GPa."  Journal of Physics: Conference Series 121: 042019.
  • Sun, L., Arthur Ruoff, C-S Zha, G Stupian.  2006. "High Pressure Studies on Silance to 210 GPa at 300 K: Optical Evidence of an Insulator-Semiconductor Transition."  Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 18: 8573-8580.
  • Sun, L., Arthur Ruoff, C-S Zha, G Stupian.  2006. "Optical Properties of Methane to 288 GPa at 300 K."  Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 67: 2603-2608.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Distinguished Alumnus (Purdue University) 2005
  • Distinguished Alumnus (University of Utah) 2003
  • Bridgman Award for Outstanding High Pressure Research (AIRAPT (The International High Pressure Association)) 1993
  • Fellow (The Bohmische Physical Society) 1988
  • New York Academy of Science 1984


University of Utah 1955