Lynnette Madsen

Lynnette Madsen

Visiting Professor
Materials Science & Engineering
Day Hall, Room 222


Lynnette D. Madsen is a Visiting Professor in Materials Science and Engineering and a Visiting Scholar with the Office of Vice President of Research and Innovation and the Dean of Engineering. She comes from the National Science Foundation (NSF) where she served as the Program Director for Ceramics and has experience with the Education and Human Resources Directorate, Office of International Science and Engineering, and Human Resource Management. Prior university appointments include being an Expert for the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at the University of Pennsylvania, a visiting/adjunct faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, and faculty at Linköping University (Sweden). Earlier, she held post-doctoral positions at Linköping University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For the first decade of her career, she was in industry at Nortel Networks.

She has served as a panelist at the National Academies, as a Trustee for AVS, on the Board of Directors for ACerS, and in various roles for the Washington Academy of Sciences. Currently, Dr. Madsen serves on the Advisory Board for the Rosalind Franklin Society and on the Editorial Board for Materials Today. Her areas of expertise include materials, sustainability, manufacturing, diversity, education, and industry partnerships. Her research focuses on policy issues and epitaxial and pseudomorphic thin films. Support has been provided by funding agencies and industry (ABB, Siemens and Nortel Networks).

Research Interests

Selected Patents

I. Emesh, I.D. Calder, V. Ho, G. Jolly and L.D. Madsen, "Structure and Method of Making a Capacitor for an Integrated Circuit", Canadian patent no. 2,106,713 (June 1, 1999).

L.D. Madsen, I.T. Emesh, V.Q. Ho, I.D. Calder I D, and G. Jolly, "Structure and Method of Making a Capacitor for an Integrated Circuit", US patent no. 5,452,178 (September 19, 1995): Citing Patents: 124

G. Jolly, L.D. Madsen, I.D. Calder, I. Emesh and V. Ho, "Method of Making a Capacitor for an Integrated Circuit", US patent no. 5,330,931 (July 19, 1994): Citing Patents: 62

Selected Publications

L.D. Madsen and E.B. Svedberg (Eds.), Materials Research for Manufacturing: An Industrial Perspective of Turning Materials into New Products, Springer Series in Materials Science, Vol. 22; ISBN: 978-3-319-23418-2 (hardcover) and 978-3-319-23419-9 (electronic) (2016); over 18,000 chapter downloads

L.D. Madsen (Author), Successful Women Ceramic and Glass Scientists and Engineers: 100 Inspirational Profiles, Wiley, ISBN: 978-1-118-73360-8 (2016).

invited L.D. Madsen, “The 2018 Distinguished Lectureship in Materials and Society: The Ecosystem of Research, Education, and Community”, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51(9), 4329–4340 (2020);

K. Robbie, S.T. Jemander, N. Lin, C. Hallin, R. Erlandsson, G.V. Hansson and L.D. Madsen, "Formation of Ni-Graphite Intercalation Compounds on SiC", Phys. Rev. B 64(15), 155401-155412 (2001).

invited A.A. White, M.S. Platz, D.M. Aruguete, S.L. Jones, L.D. Madsen and R.D. Wesson, “The National Science Foundation's Investment in Sustainable Chemistry, Engineering, and Materials”, American Chemical Society Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 1 (8), 871–877; cover image (2013).

J.P. McCaffrey, E.B. Svedberg, J.R. Phillips and L.D. Madsen, "Epitaxial Variations of Ni Films grown on MgO (100)", J. Cryst. Growth 200, 498-504 (1999).

T. Jang, B. Odekirk, L.D. Madsen and L.M. Porter, "Investigation of thermal stability and contact degradation mechanisms of W/WC/TaC/SiC ohmic contact to n-type 6H-SiC" J. Appl. Phys., 90(9), 4555-4559 (2001).

Selected Awards and Honors

Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering 2022

Fellow, ASM International 2021

Acta Materialia Inc. Hollomon Award for Materials & Society 2020

Fellow, Materials Research Society (MRS) 2020

McMaster University Alumni Gallery Award 2018

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2017

Fellow, American Vacuum Society (AVS) 2017

MRS Impact Award 2017

Fellow, American Ceramic Society (ACerS) 2015

University of Waterloo Engineering Alumni Achievement Medal for Professional Achievement 2013


Bachelor of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering), University of Waterloo, 1986

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), University of Waterloo, 2004

Master of Engineering (Electronics), Carleton University, 1988 

Doctor of Philosophy (Materials Science), McMaster University, 1994  

Docent (Materials Science), Linköping University, 1999

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