Teaching Cleanroom

MSE maintains a space within the CNF clean room in Duffield Hall. This space allows students to have hands on experience with a variety of critical processing.  

Many processes can be completed in the teaching clean room. However, the proximity to CNF, a world class Nanofab facility, allows TA and instructors to perform higher level work in preparation of classes or to sign out mobile equipment for use in the teaching lab. 

Available Equipment

  • Chemical Hoods
    • 1 photoresist hood
      • 2 spincoating stations
    • Chemistry hoods
      • 1 Solvent hood
      • 1 Acid & Peroxide hood
      • 1 Base hood
  • 4 Hot Plates for baking wafers
  • Suss MA6/BA6 Contact Aligner
  • Filmetrics Spectral Reflectance Tool
  • PlasmaTherm Reactive Ion Etcher
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing
  • 1000dC Tube Furnace
  • Optical Microscopes