Cornell Materials Society

The Cornell Materials Society (CMS) is the organization that represents the interests of undergraduate students in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The mission of the group is to expand the resources and experiences available to Materials Science interested students during their collegiate experience. 

We work to foster relationships between department faculty, students, alumni, and industry members to expose students to cutting-edge materials research, professional development, and social events.

Each year, we hold activities such as:

  • Materials Science Conferences
  • Trips to Corning Museum of Glass
  • Lectures and interactions from professors
  • Bowling and ice cream
  • Outreach to potential Materials Science students
  • Mentorship opportunities for underrepresented minority students (contact if you are interested)

To hear about CMS events, activities, and opportunities, please email and we can add you to our list-serve. Likewise, follow us on CampusGroups where our events are posted, and follow us on Instagram: @cornellmaterialssociety.

Listed below is our current board and a little bit about them. Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions about CMS, Materials Science, or anything else.

James Tallman

James Tallman (jft72) - President 

I am a senior Materials Science student. My favorite class in the department was Professor Schlom’s Electronic Structures of Matter course (MSE 3050). I also work in Professor Wiesner’s lab on the synthesis, characterization, and application of fluorescent silica nanoparticles. Outside of Materials Science, I am interested in computer science, I love watching movies, and I am somewhat involved with theater at Cornell!

Alex Kurland (apk57) - Vice President

I am a senior in MSE! I really enjoyed MSE 3040 (kinetics) that I took last spring. I do biophysics research in the Pollack group in the AEP department researching RNA and protein characterization methods. I am very passionate about math, music and cooking, and love to apply things I’ve learned in MSE in the kitchen.

Andrew Galvin

Andrew Galvin (ag763) - Treasurer

I am a senior in the Materials Science and Engineering major. My favorite MSE class so far is MSE 3050 with Professor Schlom. Outside of class I am involved with Professor Giannelis’ lab where I work with nanoparticles and the stability of emulsions. I am a huge Pittsburgh sports fan and I enjoy spending time with my friends.

Anna Lin (al882) - Secretary

I’m currently a junior in MSE, hoping to also get a minor in computer science. I am involved in research with Prof. Schlom where I work on the characterization of ruthenates, as well as Prof. Singer where I work on analyzing x-ray scattering data through data reduction means. Outside of CMS, I help organize events for the Taiwanese American Society. Other hobbies outside of academics include playing with cats and sleeping. 

Molly Stephenson (mjs689) - Outreach Chair

I am entering my junior year of MSE at Cornell. So far in the department, my favorite class was MSE 2610 which is all about mechanical properties of materials. Fun fact about me, I am actually the longest tenured member of CMS. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Carina Lin

Carina Lin (cll253) - Social Chair

Hello! I'm Carina, a sophomore planning on majoring in MSE. I really enjoyed MSE/ENGRI 1190 (Biomaterials for the Skeletal System) with Professor Donnelly. I’m in Professor Goddard’s Lab working at the intersection of MSE and Food Science. I’m a big fan of listening to music (fav artists: CIKI, KANGDANIEL, Mao Buyi, haruno) and making things (painting, ceramics, baking).

Casey Kim

Casey Kim (kk687) - Corporate Outreach Chair

I am a third year-year undergraduate at Cornell University College of Engineering as a member of Class of 2024. I am intending to major in Materials Science and Engineering along with a minor in Dyson Business for Engineers. I have done both research and project team work at Cornell!

Natalia Urbas (nu37) - Diversity and Inclusion Chair

My favorite classes in the department are MSE 3050, MSE 2620 and MSE 3010, and I am involved in research in the Suntivich group doing electrochemistry. Outside of MSE, I am in ROTC, Lodge Co-op and wrestling club. I care about supporting diversity in MSE - if you have ideas/just need someone to talk to let me know!