The Common Curriculum is taken by all Cornell engineering undergraduates and is designed to provide the fundamentals in math and science needed to succeed in engineering. This curriculum provides broad exposure to different engineering fields as well as exposure to the social context in which engineering is done via a sequence of liberal studies electives. ENGRD/MSE 2610 "Introduction to the Mechanical Properties of Materials-From Nanodevices to Superstructures" and ENGRD/MSE 2620 "Electronic Materials for the Information Age" are ENGRD/MSE classes in the common curriculum. Students typically affiliate with MSE after taking ENGRD/MSE 2610 in the fall of their sophomore year, but may also affiliate after taking ENGRD/MSE 2620 in the spring of their freshman or sophomore year.

Note: Either ENGRD 2610 or ENGRD 2620 may be used to satisfy MSE affiliation requirements.

A complete description of Common Curriculum requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Engineering Handbook.