Katie Jacoby to join MSE as director of administration

By: Ashley Bohn

Katie Jacoby will join the Department of Materials Science and Engineering as director of administration on Oct. 1, 2023. Jacoby joins MSE after having served eight years as the executive director of administration and finance for the Cornell Laboratory of Accelerator-based Sciences and Education and the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source. Her experience at the university’s largest research centers has demonstrated her ability to manage highly complex scientific initiatives, infrastructure, funding sources, scientific user programs, and a large and diverse team of faculty, staff and students. 

Jacoby has also served in various roles in the College of Veterinary Medicine, including administrative manager for the James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health and Feline Health Center, as well as the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She has a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University. 

In announcing Jacoby's new position to the MSE community, department chair Lara Estroff wrote, “I am so excited to partner with Katie, who I am confident will be a significant boon to both our operations and our culture. Katie brings a wealth of administrative experience, a deep understanding of Cornell’s research ecosystem, exceptional communication skills, and a passion for fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.”

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