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Matthew Barone | PhD student | Schlom group

1st place 2021 APL Materials Excellence in Research Award for a first author paper

citation: Barone, M. R.; Dawley, N. M.; Nair, H. P.; Goodge, B. H.; Holtz, M. E.; Soukiassian, A.; Fleck, E. E.; Lee, K.; Jia, Y.; Heeg, T.; Gatt, R.; Nie, Y.; Muller, D. A.; Kourkoutis, L. F.; Schlom, D. G. Improved Control of Atomic Layering in Perovskite-Related Homologous Series. APL Mater. 20219 (2), 21118.

Sabrina Li | PhD student | Benedek group

2022 Graduate Diversity and Inclusion Awardee in Social Justice

6th Annual MSE Symposium Best Talks Winners

  • 1st Place: William Tait | PhD student | Wiesner group
  • 2nd Place: Jacob Erstling | PhD student | Wiesner group
  • 3rd Place: Matthew Barone | PhD student | Schlom group

Teaching Assistant Excellence Award Winners

  • Dasol Yoon | PhD student | Muller group
  • Katie Gann | PhD student | Thompson group

Boeing MEng Project Award Winners

  • 1st Place: Yibei Li | MEng student | AMS OSRAM
  • 2nd Place: Henry Harwood | MEng student | Dr. Qiuming Yu
  • 3rd Place: Melisa Kreismanis | MEng student | Prof. Lawrence B. Smart


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Shantanu Kallakuri | MS student | Robinson group

Applied Materials Excellence Award - Awarded for contributing to work during co-op that led to filing 5 new ideas for patents as a co-inventor

Bashayer Aldakkan | MS student | Giannelis group

Young Industrialist of the year Finalist - Global Awards 2020. The selection recognizes candidates that demonstrated tangible applications of  engineering skills to address essential technical, environmental and economic challenges.

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