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Maya Martirossyan

Congrats to Maya Martirossyan!

Congratulations to Maya on receiving The Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowship which supports graduate students in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences. Mrs. Liebmann was the daughter of... Read more

Sara Sacher

Meet Sara Sacher

Sara was recently awarded the Kappa Delta "travel" award (converted to a career development award this year due to Covid) for her podium presentation at the 2021 Orthopedic Research Society Annual... Read more

  • Materials Science and Engineering
MSE Ph.D. student Maya Martirossyan

Meet Maya Martirossyan

Maya Martirossyan has known something about herself since she was a small child: she is a person who always wants to be learning. When she was very young this desire made itself known by the constant... Read more

What's the PhDeal Podcast logo

What's the PhDeal?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to do well in a PhD program? If so, check out the podcast "What's the PhDeal?" hosted by MSE PhD Luis Estevez '13. Here is more info about the podcast: Welcome to... Read more