2024 Junior Award Winners

MSE Junior Award Winners

Gunther Ast award

The Gunther Ast Award was established by emeritus faculty member, Dieter Ast, who named the award after his brother, Gunther Ast. This award is given to the junior student with the highest weighted average of the physics, chemistry, and math courses required by Material Science and Engineering for juniors entering the major.

Winner: Tomas Kraay

James L. Gregg Outstanding Junior Award

The James L. Gregg Award was established in memory of professor James L. Gregg. It is awarded to the “outstanding junior or juniors” as determined by the cumulative GPA after the first semester of the junior year, as well as involvement in the academic program. The James L. Gregg Prize is funded in part by the James L. Gregg Prize fund, which was donated by Mrs. Doris Meigs.

Winner: Ian Lillie

MSE Undergraduate Research Award

Awarded to one junior student each year who has exhibited both an excellence in academics and also a dedication to materials research through active participation in faculty sponsored research projects, leadership in project teams etc.. These students exemplify the scholarly excellence that will enable them to become pathfinders in the future in the materials industry, academia, or other career choices.

Winner: Zaina Mosalam

MSE Undergraduate Leadership Award

Awarded to a junior student(s) based on their achievements as demonstrated holistically by academics, research, service, and community engagement including innovative development of outreach and service to the community through department related activities. Success is often fostered by non-academic skills as much as technical excellence and this award is to recognize students who push the boundaries of an engineering education.

Winner: Carina Lin

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