Spotlights: MSE

Xuanyi Ding

Xuanyi Ding: Master of Engineering

Originally from Beijing, China, Xuanyi Ding received his undergraduate Bachelor of Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Materials Science and Engineering and is a current...

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Brady headshot

Brady Bruno: Master of Engineering

Originally from Oneida, New York, Brady Bruno received his undergraduate degree in physics from Hamilton College and is a current Materials Science and Engineering Master of Engineering student here...

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Nicole headshot

Nicole Chu: Master of Engineering

Originally from NJ, Nicole Chu received her undergraduate degree in materials science and engineering from Rutgers University and is a current Materials Science and Engineering Master of Engineering...

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Jai Karnik headshot

Jai Karnik: Master of Engineering

Jai Karnik was born in India and grew up in Dubai. Since a young age he has been passionate about playing and watching Cricket and played during his undergraduate career for the University of Illinois...

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Drishti headshot

Drishti Masand: Master of Engineering

Drishti started the journey to research from high school- researching and writing about environmental and economic sustainability of local power plant. Her final BEng research project was sponsored by...

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Emily Cheng Headshot

Emily Cheng: Master of Engineering

Emily Cheng, 2018 In the current landscape of consumer electronics, the physical design of a smartphone is integral to its success in the market. Emily Cheng worked in the Material Product Design d...

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Natalie Dawley

Natalie Dawley: Ph.D. Student

For most of Natalie Dawley’s high school years, she assumed a career in foreign policy was awaiting her after college. “I loved learning and speaking French; I even spent a semester in France in high...

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