Estroff, Wiesner featured on Academic Minute

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Materials Science and Engineering professors Lara Estroff and Uli Wiesner were each featured on the Academic Minute, a daily radio segment that gives faculty members an opportunity to explain their research.

The segment is produced by WAMC and airs on NPR affiliates and other public stations across the U.S. and Canada. It also appears on the Inside Higher Ed website.

The April 12 Academic Minute featured Estroff's segment "Pathological Mineralization," in which Estroff explains how her research group is applying knowledge of biomineralization to better understand the origins of microcalcifications in cancers.

The April 13 Academic Minute featured Wiesner's segment "Molecular-Engineering Cancer Therapeutics," in which he explains how his group's C-Dots research could revolutionize oncology.

The segments aired as part of Cornell Engineering Week on the Academic Minute, with faculty members Khurram Afridi, Elaine Petro and Karl Lewis also getting air time.

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