MRS Student Award Winner

Anuj Bhargava

Anuj Bhargava, a Ph.D. candidate in the Robinson group, has won the award for the best Oral Presentation at the 2020 Materials Research Society (MRS) Virtual Spring/Fall Meeting. His talk, titled “New Synchrotron Methods to Investigate the Breakdown of the Small-Polaron Hopping Model in Ternary Spinels” illustrates the development of a new and highly accurate characterization method using x-ray emission spectroscopy to precisely determine the site occupation of cations in complex oxides. Using this new method, he highlighted the limitations of the conventional model that was developed six decades ago to describe charge transport in oxides. After discovering the missing pieces in the transport model he developed a new model which can accurately predict electronic properties of oxide materials. This work provides a pragmatic tool for designing oxides with enhanced performance with the aim to incorporate spinels in devices such as batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells. His work was recently published in Advanced Materials as a cover frontispiece article. (Adv. Mater.32, 2004490 (2020)).

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