MSE Faculty Spotlight: Julia Dshemuchadse

Julia Dshemuchadse
Crystallography; intermetallic compounds; complex structures; self-assembly; numerical simulations
Current Research Interest:
Crystal phase stability exploration; analysis of complex crystal structures; crystal growth models; design of functional soft materials
Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow Award, University of Michigan
Max-von-Laue Prize, German Society for Crystallography
A. T. Cadotte, J. Dshemuchadse, P. F. Damasceno, R. S. Newman, S. C. Glotzer, "Self-assembly of a space-tessellating structure in the binary system of hard tetrahedra and octahedra", Soft Matter 12 (34), 7073–7078 (2016).
J. Dshemuchadse, D. Y. Jung, W. Steurer, "Structural building principles of complex face-centered cubic intermetallics", Acta Crystallogr. B 67, 269–292 (2011).
Personal Website:
Paper in Soft Matter:
Paper in Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials:

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