What's the PhDeal?

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to do well in a PhD program?  If so, check out the podcast "What's the PhDeal?" hosted by MSE PhD Luis Estevez '13.  Here is more info about the podcast:

Welcome to the “What’s the PhDeal” podcast; the podcast where we attempt to demystify the scientific PhD process. The “we” are four STEM PhD scientists from disparate backgrounds and degree routes that want to help: 1) folks going through the rigors of pursuing a PhD, 2) folks thinking about getting a PhD or even 3) people just curious about what it’s all about! You can check out the website associated with us at RealPhDeal.com and we would love it if you email us at our group email: phdealmail@gmail.com.

You can find the podcast here:




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