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Discover Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science is a field with a broad impact, and our department is a lively community of students and faculty committed to shaping a better world through new materials. You can join us by majoring or minoring in MSE. As you prepare to come to campus, you can learn more about MSE in the following ways:

  • Get your free book

    Curious about how MSE impacts critical technologies? Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World by Mark Miodownik is a great read and a great place to start your exploration of the material world. Complete the contact information form to receive your free copy! (You can choose between a paperback or eBook version.)

  • Register for our ENGRI courses

    All students must take an Introduction to Engineering (ENGRI) course as part of their degree requirements. This academic year, we’re offering three (including a brand-new course in Spring 2024!) in exciting materials-related areas:

    Fall 2023:

    • ENGRI/MSE 1140: "Materials: Enabling the Future of Energy"

      MWF 10:10-11:00 a.m., Prof. Bruce van Dover

      New technologies are needed to meet global energy requirements while addressing climate change and sustainability.  Innovative materials can increase our energy supply, facilitate transportation of energy, and decrease consumption. Topics include materials issues in photovoltaics, fuel cells, batteries, transportation, lighting, and building technologies.

    • ENGRI/MSE 1190: "Biomaterials for the Skeletal System"

      WF 10:10-11:25 a.m., Prof. Eve Donnelly

      Biomaterials exist at the intersection of biology and engineering. This course explores materials in the human body, their properties and microstructure, and their synthetic and semi-synthetic replacements, including as examples bones, joints, teeth, tendons, and ligaments. Topics include mechanical properties, corrosion, toxicity, and biocompatibility.

    Spring 2024:

    • ENGRI/MSE (Course Number TBD) "The Internet of Things"

      Schedule TBD, Prof. Mike Thompson

      Interconnected electronics are now ubiquitous, from road sensors to self-driving cars.  Enablers for these technologies range from basic sensors to low-power electronics to wireless communication, and raise critical societal questions around equity and privacy.  This course will consider the internet of things from multiple perspectives including materials, electronics, computation, and ethics.

  • Meet our undergrad student services coordinator

    Michele Conrad is here to help you. You can reach out to her anytime at When you’re on campus, you can find her in the MSE Main Office on the 2nd floor of Bard Hall on any Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday before 3:30 p.m. She will greet you with a smile and plenty of useful information.

  • Join our discussion site

    You can get answers and updates about MSE anytime via our undergraduate discussion site. After July 24, 2023 you will get an email inviting you to the site, if you haven't been invited by August, email Michele and request an invite!

  • Attend our undergrad welcome picnic

    Join us outside of Bard Hall for food and refreshments on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

  • Stop by one of our undergrad social hours

    Starting on August 28, 2023, we’ll gather every Monday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the lounge on the 2nd floor of Bard Hall. Drop by anytime for a snack, a fun activity, and lots of conversation.