Congratulations on Admission to Cornell Engineering!

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Congratulations on admission to Cornell Engineering!

As you start the process of preparing for the future, we would like to introduce you to Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). This exciting and important major bridges fundamental physics, chemistry, and biology to discover and create materials with extraordinary abilities.

Join our online Q&A

Join us for one of our upcoming interactive Q&A sessions where faculty and students will answer your questions specifically about MSE: 

April 14, 8p.m. EDT Materials Science and Engineering Informational Webinar

April 18, 8p.m. EDT Materials Science and Engineering Informational Webinar

Everything is made from something

Imagine a world powered by renewable energy, healed by revolutionary medical devices, and connected through innovative electronics. MSE makes it possible by discovering and engineering new materials. Join us in shaping a sustainable, secure and healthy future, one extraordinary material at a time. MSE student research

Cornell MSE is particularly known for embracing undergraduate research

Faculty and students, including undergraduates, perform high-impact, fundamental research that centers and highlights the importance of materials science in society today.

  • Materials for Information Technologies – Designing next-generation semiconductor materials and devices
  • Materials for Biology – Translating biomaterials from the research laboratory to the bedside
  • Materials for Sustainability – Targeting renewable energy as well as environmentally responsible resource preservation

MSE undergrads get hands-on preparation for industrial careers

Many opportunities for practical engineering design and prototyping are available to MSE majors:

  • The Cornell engineering project teams: 30% of MSE majors are on a project team, such as Concrete Canoe, Aqua Clara and CUAir
  • Coop or summer internship experiences: 45% of MSE students take internships at companies before graduation
  • Team-based class projects relevant to industry: the capstone design course and the capstone laboratory course engage students with the challenges of current engineering problems

MSE research group

Talk with MSE

We know you have questions! Reach out to us one-on-one – we'd love to hear from you!

Prof. Michael Thompson
Dwight C. Baum Professor in Engineering
Director of Undergraduate Studies
328 Bard Hall

Prof. Christopher "Kit" Umbach
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
114 Thurston Hall

Michele Conrad
Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator
210A Bard Hall

Prof. Lara Estroff
Herbert Fisk Johnson Professor of Industrial Chemistry
Director of Materials Science and Engineering
Bard Hall, Room 329