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Student Profiles

There are many reasons why students are inspired to study materials science and engineering at Cornell. Read the profiles below to hear directly from students about why they chose materials science, what they like about Cornell, and their advice for incoming students.

Meet some of our students

Lucy Raymond

Lucy Raymond chose to study materials science and engineering because of her equal interests in physics, chemistry, coding, and biology. She became inspired to work on making better materials after learning how material failures accounted for the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters. In her spare time, Lucy dances and holds leadership positions in her social sorority and in the Cornell Materials Society. Read more about Lucy and see why her advice to incoming students is to not worry about perfection.

Bill Liu

Bill Liu chose to study materials science and engineering to improve people’s living quality and to provide engineering solutions to global, societal, and environmental problems. As an undergraduate, he has conducted research as part of two different laboratory groups. In the Jena-Xing Group, Bill studied gallium-oxide, using computer science to learn more about the material. In the Estroff Group, he studied calcite crystals in marine algae to learn more about the chemical and biological conditions that control crystallization. Read more about Bill and why his future is like “a quantum superposition.”

Hannah Contreras

Hannah Contreras chose to study materials science and engineering because of its applications in renewable energy solutions. Most of her spare time is spent building solar panels for Cornell’s Solar Boat student project team, and she plans to pursue a Ph.D. before beginning a career “disrupting the energy sector by introducing new, cheap, and highly efficient solar solutions.” Read more about Hannah and why Cornell’s "any person… any study” motto encouraged her to apply.

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Our students are using materials science to change the world

Amanda A.

Whenever I visit a workspace on the Engineering Quad it feels like that lab in Big Hero 6 with every student working on some project they are really passionate about.

— Amanda A.